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Typical Use Type :  

                Just for me! 

                When intensive or use for critical applications

                of the Internet is not a requirement.

Bandwith Type :

              Best effort

              (Contended on BTC access network)

              (Contended on Internet backbone)

              Fair Access Policy (FAP) applies

Hosting :

              Upto 3 free email accounts



              During business hours only;

              via help desk and at Microteck Premises


INTERNET SPEED (max attainable)


256 / 64 kbps
512 / 128 kbps
1024 / 192 kbps
2048 / 256 kbps
3096 / 512kbps

Monthly Recurring Charge


P 121
P 202
P 314
P 605
P 907


Term and Conditions apply 
BTC Access charges apply and are not included in above pricing